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Unit Entity – A Basic Definition

A unit entity could be a sole proprietor, partnership, corporate organization, cooperative, nonprofit, government, public agency or any other type of organization that exists to address a perceived need outside of itself. In satconomy, an entity does not exist merely to satisfy the needs of its member(s), i.e., it is NOT a trading club or an exclusive community. More specifically:

(1) A unit entity has a declared specialization: An entity determines the needs that it intends to address and sets corresponding milestones for itself. Since no entity could possibly address every market need, an entity must specialize in order to achieve reasonable objectives.

(2) A unit entity has ongoing ‘credit recovery’ mechanisms, i.e., some means to be able to cancel debits: Examples are product sales, tax collection, fundraising, asking for donations, and any other activities which represent credits that are received from the general market.

(3) A unit entity is primarily known by its brand: An entity is a fluid organizational concept, with dynamic membership profiles, goals and directions. A brand is an entity’s attempt to maintain a more stable and lasting impression of its socio-economic relevance.