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Cleaned-Up Links in Sidebar

It feels good to clean older references from the sidebar and, more importantly, to highlight the newer demo and docs that went live last year. I really need to work on revamping the whole site as planned for this year, but for now, these minor tweaks should do.

Please visit the slightly modified mobile UI demo — the touchscreen swipe simulation gets easy fast even using a touch pad. And do read up on the help pages and IPP documentation.

Q1 Goals and Plans

Before proceeding with publishing revised code, I’m hoping to clean up and reorganize the site this quarter. This will involve not only archiving older documents, code and posts, but also developing a strategy for building a repository of loosely-coupled, service-oriented components.

While I have looked into and could have tried various packaged web-application frameworks, I have not really been keen on features that mostly hide HTML and SQL coding to reduce programming at the expense of future flexibility and interoperability. For example, if I wanted to borrow or share components with others, I would prefer not being forced to install a whole framework package in order to do so. In other words, I would like to be able to cherry pick those tools that do not embed customized nomenclature and method calls in a project’s source code.

I will try to implement orthogonal design principles this year. I found good articles that reflect my preferred approach in articles from infoQ, dsonline, and artima.