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Transition Phase

Perhaps it was inevitable, but here I am starting another blog. I have alluded to making this move in another blog, in order to clean up and reorganize my accumulating accounts of ideas, demos, and white/gray papers. I had to overcome a lot of hesitation extending over a year to convince myself this move is really necessary.

But the time has come and I’m ready for it.

This personal blog will relay experiences and opinions beyond my project-oriented blogs. It was getting harder to filter out indirectly related observations from my posts in, and that’s why that blog has laid dormant for over a year now. I still think that inspirational quotes and observations have their place in a blog such as, but I felt like the blog was losing focus. I felt the same with, sometimes wondering which blog to post recent observations in, since the main purpose for each blog was getting blurry.

The main problem is that I did not have a personal blog as a default ‘outlet’. When in doubt, I will post here rather than my other blogs. I plan to make this my most active blog, which to me might mean a post once a month. The project blogs will have maybe two to four posts a year. I will discontinue a project blog once I feel that it has served its purpose. In that connection, I will update and clarify the About pages in my other blogs.

I hope you’ll follow this blog and enjoy reading it.