2012 and 2013

Last year was really busy, and the first quarter of this year was no different. I accomplished about three of the four goals that I had for 2012. I had finished analyzing and published  my study results, demonstrated my prototypes, and presented my ideas at various settings.

However, I was not able to improve the Flora test bed as planned, primarily because I had to adjust to my data visualization role at work. I had also wanted to attend more conferences at the beginning of this year to network, listen, and collaborate but had not much time to do so. There are lots to ponder with regards to how to move forward.

I feel fortunate to be working at a vibrant research institute. It’s instructive to see how much work goes into researching and communicating ideas. In some ways, my unwritten hopes were too ambitious for a project with so little dedicated resources. While I’ve learned through the years to temper my plans, my expectations were still somewhat unrealistic.

This is not to say I have regrets  — I don’t. I’ve really enjoyed the process of learning from my successes and mistakes, and the process of cultivating patience, skills, and determination to keep moving forward the best I can. I will also keep making plans to get me moving, otherwise it’s very easy to get into a rut.

So, for 2013, I have these goals:

  • Make at least one improvement to Flora. I’m thinking along the lines of user interface.
  • Attend at least one conference. The options are CCS conference at the Hague, ICTD/ACM Dev in South Africa, IEEE Vis at Atlanta.
  • Long shot goal: publish another paper

Hope to see some of you in one of the conferences in my list.