Merged Blogs

It was getting obvious that I could not actively maintain three blogs –,, and Maybe I was thinking that establishing a new blog would reinvigorate my motivation to post more frequently. But it was just wishful thinking. It is very easy to get used to not blogging if I’m really busy at work, writing up a paper, or traveling.

I had resisted the urge to establish another site for more than a year, but finally did it early this year out of the compelling need to better organize my thoughts and message. I also don’t like the situation of feeling stuck and felt compelled to make a decision as needed to get out of a rut.  But three blogs was too ambitious and even silly. The main thing now is to use categories (duh!) and let readers choose whatever topics they want to read. So, I merged the three blogs here, adopted the most up-to-date theme to suit my purpose, and recategorized my posts as needed.

One of the lessons learned ties up quite well with my preferred approach on ‘handling messiness’. Having three blogs to segregate my thoughts in three smaller and neater piles seemed like a good idea, but my tendency is really to let machines organize things as much as possible. I don’t want to log on to three different admin panels and figure out first where I want to post. That’s too much work just to get started. It’s much better to just start writing a post and categorize when the thought has been laid out for review.

I still think that having a personal site was and is a good idea. Only now, the self-titled site will just have mostly static content with links to my various projects and interests. With the merged blogs, there is a risk of turning off readers who are just interested in technical ideas and updates. However, the upside is that readers could get a more holistic picture of me. There will be more transparency and better likelihood of detecting bias in my writings. I’m hoping that amid the mixed bag of topics, the increased transparency will lead to better understanding overall.