2010 Review and 2011 Tentative Plans

The year 2010 went by fast. Looking at the three goals for this year, I was only able to accomplish goal #1 which was to code and document a budget-centric system. I was not able to implement even one smaller study (goal #2), although I was able to refine my conceptual approach throughout all of last year. So even though I was not able to work on actual studies, the framework for conducting studies should lead to better implementation and more convincing results. This goal is now 2011:goal #1.

As far as the third goal of recreating a more-user friendly website, I did not make any progress on that at all. It was just really at the bottom of my priority list. This goal will become 2011:goal #2.

After much thought regarding my limitations and abilities, I plan to commit 15 hours a week on currency-related projects this year, starting possibly in March. I am still settling into a new routine, so it is hard to be more definite about this year’s plan. Despite having a good view of long-term goals, I have to be able to fit personal projects around newfound opportunities in order to have a realistic chance of success. I’ll post more informative updates once I get a clearer picture of various responsibilities, schedules, and paths forward.