2010 Q1 update

I have finished coding most of the UI in Mootools, but decided to refactor the code to not use the Class object. Instead, I followed the YUI module pattern that uses closure which feels more natural since, with private variables in the outer function, I don’t have to worry about the binding of ‘this’. I wish jQuery offered this advise upfront for code organization when I was deciding between it and mootools.

I have started ‘connecting’ the UI with the php-scripted accounting backend, but then I got caught up doing other projects. So the goal for this quarter, including writing more documentation, was not met. However, I am starting to get more comfortable with a long-term view of the whole IS design and infrastructure work. Having seen what others are doing, this project is probably at par in terms of rate of progress.

More importantly, I have a clear idea of the next steps that need to be taken and will take my time getting things right and working reliably. I am not as anxious in exploring potential collaborations during these early project stages, but would rather wait until I have a working system that clearly demostrates the importance of core currency system concepts and functionalities. Otherwise, too many ideas gets thrown in the mix with no clear purpose for the collaboration.