Project Update – UI development

Quick updates on development progress: The documentation for the revised accounting system and IPP is about 30% done, but it got boring pretty quickly. So I switched to the user interface design and development, and decided to have view-related code on the client-side as much as possible. This decision necessitated the use of a Javascript library or framework for more rapid prototyping. I have tentatively settled on mootools after trying out jquery. Both libraries are relatively easy to work with, but it is easier to model desirable ‘transaction device’ UI features using mootools’ class functions.

There have been interesting discoveries along the way with regards to binding ‘this’ and lexical closure in Javascript. I’m trying not to get side-tracked into reading too much about the ‘functional’ programming approach, although Javascript may not be the best example of that approach.

After posting this, I realized that I forgot to mention other projects that I visited recently:

The cyclos documentation and interface is really impressive. Like CClite, Cyclos has the concept of a ‘System’ account-type, which gets debited when credits are issued to members (at least that’s how I understand it and I could be wrong). The System account-type is very similar to an ‘unused revenue’ budget in the revised accounting system that I am working on.

However, in a cc-implementation, a System account is primarily used to track the total credits that could circulate or are circulating in a system and tends to be a static quantity that is dependent on the number of members and debit limits. In contrast, an unused revenue budget tracks how much credits an entity intends to receive from the market and is dynamically (a) increased whenever the total expense budgets is increased, or (b) decreased when inflows are received. The unused revenue budget is expected to reflect inventory or productive capacity rather than the number of members in an entity.

The other projects that I visited in the last weeks are opentransact, flowplace and the marketplace module for drupal. There are also many discussion groups, including agile-banking and ripple-users, with participation levels that are somewhat encouraging.