Plans for 2010

The three main goals for this year are:

1) By spring: Finish coding and doc’ing the updated demonstration of a budget-centric accounting system to serve entities that issue independent currency brands. The transactional back-end is pretty much done, with inclusion of xtype accounts for double-entry of inter-entity transactions and IPP support to facilitate payments across independently administered ledgers and accounting systems. The administrative and user interface should be updated soon.

2) By summer: Conduct smaller studies prior to an actual exploratory study. I’m still working out the details of these intermediate studies, but I’m confident that these low-risk steps will yield useful information for conducting effective studies in the future.

3) By year’s end: As some of the implementation concepts and strategy take concrete shapes, a more user-friendly website is being planned to offer accessible materials to general audience types. I’m sure most readers are not interested in following the always-changing technical implementation details, and perhaps there are even less who are interested in the philosophies and principles discussed at At the same time, I am not really looking forward to creating yet another website, so this is lower on my priority list.