Q2-Q3 2009 Update

For Q2, I finished working on several documents as planned. The OCAUP document has been revised, and there are now more detailed presentations of the IS Plan and PaCT. The recent study plan outline rounds out the suite of documents that outline tyaga’s approach from core principles to initial packaging strategy.

For Q3, I will continue updating an accounting system to support the updated OCAUP model and PaCT payments. The Prowl protocol document will be overhauled to more fully explain the domain-as-currency-brand approach, the need for a simple payment witnessing protocol such as PaCT and reporting requirements regardless of the representation or content-type used (html, xml, json, etc.).

Hopefully, there will be packaged information systems ready for use in exploratory studies starting next year. To find out more, please read the study plan and a related post about currency indexes.