Alignment of Concerns

The accounting system demo is still being coded and tested, but is near completion. OCAUP support will ensure reconcilablity between periodic currency activity tallies and unused budget balances. PaCT support will include triggering the publication of transaction record and notification of reporters to cross-verify published transactions. The accounting sytem will also support voiding a published record that has not been cross-verified yet, but there are still some transaction sequence details to be worked out.

Based on the results of recent efforts, PaCT is evolving to look more like the ‘HTTP ‘ of Prowl. It used to be that ‘witnessing’ or ‘notarizing’ was just another reporter feature, but PaCT’s importance is really based on its potential to facilitate the everyday use of independent currency brands. Essentially, PaCT is a generic payment protocol for witnessing published transactions, in contrast to the more common approach that uses intermediaries or settlement agents through which payments are routed.

I have been holding off on working on Prowl’s report structures and details, but as mentioned in the previous post, different representations will be supported. One idea is for the accounting system to generate a report, copies of which will be audited and kept by independent audit service providers, and the URI locations of various audited copies will be tracked by a reporter in a document format similar to Git’s parent tree listing. This plan will farther simplify the role of a basic reporter (the one declared in a currency brand/domain’s home page) to letting indexers and evaluators choose the location from which to pull reports. But this is still only a tentative plan.

Many of the development work, planned changes and protocol revision will likely continue to Q3.