Accounting System and Membership Authentication

I have been updating an earlier version of an accounting system from last year. The upcoming version will have built-in support for Prowl and the ocaup model. The user interface will be SMS, email and HTTP-based.

Also planned for this quarter, the Prowl report structure will be revised to an HTML rather than plain-text representation, in order to use head-metadata tags for information such as encoding, language and record delimiters. The move to HTML representation is just one of the many changes planned for Prowl version 0.2.

An aspect of Prowl record publication that was not explained in an earlier post concerns the authentication of transactors. When transactors do not belong to the same currency community, such as in ocaup inter-entity trade, the ability of a transactor to ‘publish’ a record in a certain domain implies membership in that domain, with the domain name being equivalent to the currency brand in Prowl. Thus, the authentication of brand membership is simplified, without requiring a centralized brand-membership registry or intensive authentication schemes. This publish-to-authenticate scheme is incorporated in the various PaCT sequences, which also includes reporter notarization to help deter fraudulent repudiation of published records.