Budget Currency

I have just uploaded a heavily revised OCAUP document. The latest revision includes simple tables and attached illustrations. The main difficulty has been, and continues to be, finding appropriate terminology that adheres to common accounting language while purposely avoiding terms that might cause confusion with conventional interpretations.

At the moment, the most suitable terminology relates to “budgets”. Ledger-based currency may be viewed as unused entity budgets that are periodically planned and dynamically reported as inter-entity transactions occur. OCAUP may be used to model and track how well an entity regulates against its self-determined limits. Entities that demonstrate effective self-regulation develop reputable currency brands, which should translate to better market access.

The illustrated OCAUP currency activity and journal entry examples should help explain the “scoring rules/system” that tyaga is trying to establish. Speaking of scoring rules, I also drafted a game-design representation of tyaga’s information systems goals. The OCAUP document also has an attached table that compares mutual-credit accounting systems with OCAUP-based designs.