IS Plan, PaCT and Kit

The following documents are now available to help explain the Tyaga IS Plan:

In addition, there is now a packaged version of software code, tentatively named Kit, available for download. Kit is a revised version of an earlier Prowl reporter implementation for the Apache/MySQL/PHP platform. The packaged files are also browser-viewable – please browse the filenames for methods and code snippets that might interest you (such as parser.php and the svg-graphing functions.)  The Kit 0.2 package is not refined by any means, but it offers basic reporter functionalities.

I will begin writing use cases to illustrate independent currency brand support through the OCAUP accounting model. I’m also hoping to package an acounting system that I developed from last year in order to demonstrate not only OCAUP, but also built-in support for a protocol such as Prowl.