Prowl Updates

I have tried to catch up with some Prowl related updates, most of which have been in places other than the discussion group. So I just took the liberty of copying and pasting excerpts to help consolidate previously scattered discussions in one place. I also included some email excerpts that I thought might be interesting to others. Please feel free to ask questions or post comments that will help clarify not just Prowl, but the whole currency design.

I have to admit that I was surprised to find, in another site, the same core ideas expressed in here and — traceability, accountability, transparency, auditability, even certain implementation aspects, repeated within the same context albeit in fancier words. The surprise mostly came with disappointment that while there was some mention of Twollars as an inspiration, apparently Prowl’s earlier announced release and demo failed to spark the same insights that I have been expounding and struggling to embody for a long time now.

But I’ll remain committed to openly discussing updates, example codes and potential strategies, which others are encouraged to build upon or tweak as necessary. There are many opportunities to develop your own designs on the evolving Prowl-like currency services that are sure to come within this year. I would especially like to see designs that cater to unsophisticated user groups – that’s a key aspect that people often forget.