Multi-Stage Market Study

Not a lot of development updates this time, just some thoughts after taking a break from this project. The recurring question, as always, is how to move forward. The project might be described as attacking a specific problem and a more general problem.

Looking at the specific problem of information system design –  the product view – the strategy has been narrowed down adequately. There will be orthogonal components or modules for:

  • Entity or Publisher: currency issuance and accounting controls
  • Reporter: currency brand evaluation and monitoring 
  • Device: user interface for conducting transactions, most likely to be mobile applications

The Prowl protocol is an attempt to provide the necessary interface between the orthogonal Publisher and Reporter components. The demonstration is admittedly rudimentary, but the overall design principles should be apparent in the demo: Loose coupling, separation of concerns, late binding as to where additional information might be found through the use of the search-assist string.

The general problem of widescale implementation – the market view – gives the context that will guide the production scale design of Prowl-compliant applications. So far, the general problem has been treated lightly while the product design strategy was being worked out. Although effective system design is not trivial, it is obviously more straighforward than the market implementation aspect.

Right now, a multi-stage market study seem to be the best approach for breaking the general problem into more manageable pieces. More updates will follow once I am done drafting the details of the proposed study.