Shift in Priorities

The past year marked a gradual shift in priorities for me. The following thoughts are common-sense stuff, something the I felt that I needed to articulate to myself in order not to get lost in all the cliches.

Self-Regulation before Self-Sufficiency: I have written about self-regulation since starting this blog, and I do not want to repeat the points that I have already made. However, it might be worth mentioning that the perspective shift was not the result of mere mental exercises, but also of trying to actively seek a more self-sufficient lifestyle such as through organic gardening. It became readily apparent to me that only a minority could become fully self-sufficient through organic gardening or farming. Market specialization is a fact of any modern economy, and as market boundaries disappear, self-regulation is a more practical goal than self-sufficiency and has a more viable chance of spreading.

Inside-Out before Bottom-Up Change: In a flat world, there are no higher ups or bottom dwellers, and it is counterproductive to think of the marginalized as powerless. There definitely are people with more influence than others, but I believe it would be misguided to seek power itself to effect sustainable change. Change that starts from within has more chance of lasting, as other types of change involves numerous factors that are not under an individual’s direct control. For example, this approach is reflected in my effort to develop a system where I could simply declare my willingness to accept ledger-based currency, without preconditions of belonging to certain communities or payment networks.

Duty before “Harmlessness”: This prioritization is bound to be misunderstood; I’ll explain by relating the two through my own search for a peaceful vocation. In the process of trying to move away from working for corporations, I tried to avoid looking into technology-related careers and instead leaned towards more “natural” professions in agrarian, education and healthcare sectors. However, one’s temperament and lifetime of experience cannot be easily ignored — to do so would imply being constantly at war with one’s natural tendencies. And so despite the numerous down-to-earth paths that one could follow, a natural profession for me means following my interest in information/documentation systems, even though such profession could be easily dismissed as being elitist or being disconnected from everyday needs.