August Updates

I have updated the ledger based on my recent currency inflow and outflow activity. While I still believe that my live demonstration of an open web ledger is a good start, I just realized that as a contract worker, my revenue stream and expenses occur in spikes, rather as a continous stream. I get a check about once a month, and I also spend in bulk, such as transfers to personal accounts, office puchases and irs estimated taxes. My business activity is not like a store or restaurant that could register highly dynamic inflow or outflow updates to the ledger, so it still looks inactive even with the TDS accounts tracking. I am still learning how to design a more dynamic small-scale implementation example.

The Prowl protocol documentation is coming along; it will be about 6 pages with generous spacing, so nothing overly technical. Just trying to arrive at a web ledger query syntax that is clear and simple to use. I have also modified the basis of the acronym to Pull-Reconciliation of Open Web Ledgers, since the “peer-to-peer” aspect might be confusing under certain interpretations. I originally meant p2p to be non-arbitrated interaction between two ledgers that have interchangeable server-client roles. But “Pull-Reconciliation” is still a more accurate description.

Lastly, I am seriously considering taking a 6-week break from contract work to spend more time on documentation and online examples during 3Q. It has been a struggle to arrive at appropriate language to describe what I am trying to do, but I think I may have found a good model to emulate and use in explanations. More on that when the documents get done.