Q3 Goals

The 3Q goals are:

1) Demonstrate a proof-of-concept for the online publishing of interentity currency flow between independent currency brands – It must be noted that although currency flow is currently demonstrated through the online tracking of TDS business and personal transactions, the other party in each of the Q1 and Q2 transactions do not publish its ledger records and those transactions are still backed by ‘cash’. 

Most likely, ledger-based currency inflow to tyaga.org would occur in the form of an online donation. I am also currently working with a nonprofit group, so it is also probable that I might be able to convince them to simply publish the amount of hours that I spent working on their behalf – that amount would be a currency outflow for them and an inflow for tyaga.org. I am also looking forward to finding other market entities that would be willing to accept my currency brand for their products. With this goal, the results not only depend on tyaga.org’s intraentity activities but also on its interaction with other entities. As such, I will begin a simple outreach effort to early adopters of other ledger-based currencies.

2) Continue the development of an online accounting system that satisfies the satconomy framework requirements. The accounting system includes the modules for accounts maintenance, transaction processing and ledger publishing. A recent feature under development is the online donation processing that would include an automated reconciliation routine using the Prowl protocol. For those interested, the details of the satconomy market framework, which guides tyaga.org’s development and implementation activities, are summarized in this document. A brief explanation of the proposed Prowl is also provided in this document.

The Q3 goals will be much simpler than previous seasonal goals, mainly due to the time that I plan to spend on developing a simple blog for a nonprofit. I will also try to post on other topics, news and developments for the remainder of this quarter.