Q2 Results

Here are the Q2 results.

1) Brand Restructuring – The year-to-date TDS transaction information has been migrated in order to demonstrate ongoing currency activity tracking. See http://tyaga.org/ledger.php for more details. 

2) a) US$:hour conversion – I started working on this only to pull back as soon as I realized that it’ll be more likely to confuse than aid in the evaluation of market performance. I might still publish transacted amounts in other currency units in cases where the other entity uses different units to publish its transactions with TDS or tyaga.org. Instead of working on the US$:hour conversion, some time was instead spent on developing an online donation system, for those who would like to use alternative currency brands to support tyaga.org. See http://tyaga.org/donate.php for details.

b) Sole Proprietorship Accounting System – I have succesfully modified the code to tailor it for use by sole proprietors, using object-oriented approach and slightly more optimized database table structure. The user interface, however, is still very rudimentary. This will be a work in progress as further refinements are incorporated in an alpha version.

Q3 Goals will be posted in about a week.