June Update

My on-loan laptop is currently being serviced by my client company, so I’ve had a few days of downtime to work on my 2Q goals. I am currently working on a short document to capture and explain the most important concepts that I have been implementing. In the past and similar to other alt/cc/open currency advocates, I’ve tended to waste too many words on answering theoretical questions, such as ‘why work on alternative currency brands’. This tendency, coupled with little practical implementation experience, has resulted in barely readable text that hardly offers any new insights. With the benefit of hindsight, I am more optimistic that this latest written endeavor will result in a much more concise and highly informative document. In particular, I’m consciously trying to outline the assumptions behind the conceptual models and implementation strategies.

As far as web app development, I have a class for each type of ledger transaction record – currency creation, assignment and use. A bit more testing, and everything is ready to go as as a custom application. For 3Q, I’m already planning on tidying up the web interface for a more satisying user experience.