May 08 Update

Just a quick update – I have been able to recode the transactions using an object-oriented approach. I’m still testing the accounting module, but there has been some delay since my power supply and p4 motherboard got fried last week. (I have to remember to vacuum behind my desk where the tower case sits…) So I ended up completing an upgrade of the mobo, ps and cpu, plus recovering the data.

I feel that I am still on schedule to meet the modest goals that I have set for this quarter. I’m just trying to pull back and relax when I can, especially after the unexpected computer upgrade and start of summer coursework. I have been casually reading a lot about Git, and the idea of distributed repositories is really appealing. I am thinking of ways to incorporate the use of such repositories for my work as a technical writer, but I’ll wait until after this quarter before exploring other development projects.