2008 1Q Results

1Q Results: Two out of three goals were met at the threshhold level: a demonstration page within this site was launched and the source code was made available in the downloads page and in sourceforge. The third goal is probably within reach as there were a few contacts made, although no formal colloborations exists as of yet. I’ll list some of the more important observations and lessons which were used for revising the 2Q Goals.

The demonstration ‘Currency’ page, although functional from the administrative point of view, was found to be giving readers a misleading picture of the actual level of currency activity within tyaga.org. It makes it seem like the quantity of tyaga.org-issued currency, in units of hours, is not changing and that there are no currency inflows and outflows, when in fact there has been ongoing business revenues and expenses as demonstrated by current member tax filings. The main problem is the tracking of currency flow in units of US$ and the lack of a conversion mechanism between that conventional unit and tyaga.org’s currency units of hours. This disconnect will be addressed in 2Q.

The source code, although available in sourceforge and the downloads section, has seen very slight traffic based on online statistics. Maybe it has something to do with my lousy coding style, php’s lack of credibility in some circles, etc., but whatever the reason for the slow adoption by developer enthusiasts, I’m not too worried as I didn’t really know where that was going to lead in the first place. In response to these results, I have limited my development goals to a more specific configuration market for 2Q and beyond.

Finding and developing effective colloborations are very important activities in the future, but it will probably just take time to get there. The lack of immediate success within three months is not alarming, just a helpful nudge to restrict the vision for tyaga.org’s organizational structure.