Accepting Currency as Payment

What does it mean to accept currency as payment?

1) As Wages: If you are a member of the entity, accepting it’s currency means that you would be using credits to buy something from the market. You would be relying on the strength of the brand as a means of redeeming products from other currency-issuing entities. At the same time, you would share in’s mission to fulfill its self-determined obligation to the market.

It’s similar to the concept of accepting employee stock grants, in that the granted units are not guaranteed to be redeemable for products in the market (such as cash or equivalent). The difference is that unlike shareholder stocks, the entity member’s credit units are immediately ‘consumed’ in a market transaction and are not transferrable, as explained next through what the seller does with the buyer’s credits.

2.) As Revenue: If you are a seller who belongs to another entity that issues its own currency brand, accepting a buyer’s credits means that you will be cancelling a corresponding amount of your entity’s self-declared debt to the market. A seller cannot re-use the buyer’s credits for subsequent transactions. Equivalent quantities of buyer credits and seller debits are cancelled in a market transaction.