Ganges River Activist Groups

When I think of people who publicly voice their support for movements and activism that they support, I wonder if their emphathy is strong enough for them to sell products to the groups that they admire, even if it means accepting independently issued currency brands from those groups.

As an example, take the environmental activists in India who are tyring to protect the Ganges River. If the likes of Rakesh Jaiswal’s group decided to issue its own currency brand, would a farmer accept Jaiswal’s currency in exchange for his produce? That same farmer might already be accepting money from those who recklessly pollute the Ganges River. How could the farmer or the market in general determine where a buyer’s money come from, so that market particpants will have the ability to cater their products to support sustainable economic activities, instead of blindly accepting money? hopes to provide practical solutions to these questions, through the issuance of currency brands that are traceable to independent market entities.