A Disclaimer

Before delving into other topics, I’d like to first explain where I’m coming from. My self-perceived role in all of this effort is to paint a picture of what needs to be done and to explain why it needs to be done. I do not claim to be an expert at anything, and therefore my ideas about strategies must not be taken as an ‘absolute’ pathway for the implementation of satconomy. In fact, I am optimistic that I may chance upon readers who are far more qualified than I am in terms of outlining alternative strategies, leading the development of the system modules and/or who could provide better day-to-day results. It is up to those interested to examine their capabilities and limitations with regards to the general projects areas that I’ve outlined, and to let me know which areas might lead to effective collaborations (if I’m even needed.)

That being said, I will continue to do what I can regardless of whether or not help is forthcoming. The Reporter Module that I am working on, to be online within a month or so, is rudimentary at best and would not win any “coding awards”, but it would serve just fine as a starting point for anyone who have better ideas and skills to offer. If you feel that the idea of satconomy is full of potential whereas the presenter (me) is lacking, please feel free to start an implementation project and team that you’d feel comfortable working with. The specifics of who does what and where doesn’t concern me much at this point, as long as things get started and done.

Lastly, something that I’ve been reminding myself a lot lately, which should give the reader a sense of my motivation: “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it.” Gandhi